Call for Competition

ICSR 2024 Robot Design Competition

The design and development of various kinds of robots, and their intelligence and behavior have been evolving continuously. The new era of robotics is witnessing the increasing release of new innovative robots with a diverse set of applications. Especially, the past few years have provided more recognition to robots and their importance in various domains of life. in this regard, it is imperative to have more human interactive social capabilities of robots.

  • How can robots behave with human-like conversational abilities?
  • How robots can have human-like expressions?

If you have a solid idea/working prototype, send your entries to the flagship Robot Design Competition, organized by ICSR, which is now under the Global Robotics, Art, and Science Synergies (GRASS). We also encourage cross-disciplinary experts/teams to bring impactful solutions for the betterment of society.


Each submission should have a (maximum) 2-page summary. The template is flexible; however, it should include a concise abstract/synopsis of a maximum of 50 words, and enough details to judge the technical novelty of the proposed solution and/or innovative applications of robots. A single link of related video can be included. Video link is optional, and the maximum duration of the video should be 3 minutes. Keep in mind it is not a scientific publication, but the description of a robotics innovation with the potential to be developed as a project.

Competition chairs, with the help of experts and reviewers, will select the finalists. Each finalist is supposed to register and present their entry at a dedicated session in the conference, which will be further evaluated by the Jury of peers. Email your submission at with the subject line starting with: [ICSR 2024 InnoBiz Robot Design Competition]



  • Competition Submission: July 30, 2024
  • Competition NotificationAugust 15, 2024

The Rewards and Awards

Winners and runners-up in the following categories will be selected :

      1. Innovative Solution: The entries, which have demonstrated the maturity of the proposed solution through prototypes will be considered for this category.
      2. Innovative Application: The entries, which have targeted specific applications through robotics solutions will be considered for this category.

Benefits to the finalists:

  • Dedicated slot to present during the final round in the event.
  • A unique opportunity to exhibit the entry during the event in the exhibition areas.
  • Opportunity to have post-event mentorship through industry and academics experts.

Certificate and Prize:
For each category, the winners and runners-up will be awarded with certificates and prize money.

Contact Information

Dr Amit Kumar Pandey
Competitions Chair
Rovial Space, France