Special Session

Research on Minority Languages in Artificial Intelligence


The development of minority languages in the field of artificial intelligence research is rapidly progressing. The aim of this special session is to delve into the latest research findings, technological applications, and methodologies in the domain of artificial intelligence concerning minority languages. The session seeks to provide an academic exchange platform for scholars from various ethnic groups, showcasing their research achievements in recent years. Through various formats, the session aims to engage participants in interactive discussions on academic viewpoints. This will provide researchers with a platform to exchange ideas, share insights, and collaborate, collectively advancing the technology of minority language processing.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • New Issues and Challenges Facing Minority Language Information Processing
  • Theoretical Foundations of Computational Linguistics: Knowledge Representation, Semantics, Pragmatics, Corpus Linguistics, Memory Models, Machine Learning, Knowledge Acquisition, and Reasoning Techniques
  • Standards and Technical Specifications Related to Minority Language Information Processing
  • Theories and Methods for Minority Language Resource Development and Corpus Construction
  • Theoretical Approaches to Minority Language Lexical Semantics, Lexical Ontology, Morphological Analysis, Syntactic Analysis, and Semantic Analysis
  • Applications of Minority Language Processing Technologies or Systems: Language Models, Automatic Segmentation, Intelligent Retrieval, Automatic Proofreading, Text Automatic Classification, Named Entity Recognition, Automatic Summarization, Information Extraction, Information Filtering, Text Mining, Text Recognition, Evaluation Methods, Knowledge Graphs, etc.
  • Minority Language Machine Translation Technology
  • Minority Language Speech Analysis and Synthesis Technology
  • Minority Language Text Recognition Technology
  • Minority Language Intelligent Search Engines
  • Automatic Monitoring and Content Analysis Technology for Minority Language Life
  • Application Technologies for Learning National Common Language Based on Minority Language
  • Multilingual Text Processing/Software Environment Development and Network Information Processing Systems
  • Multilingual Operating Systems and Network Environment Construction
  • Information Services, Cloud Computing, and Big Data Processing Technologies
  • Supportive Environments and Software Technologies for Minority Language Computational Linguistics
  • Minority Language Human-Machine Interface Technology and Systems
  • Research and Construction of Resource Libraries for Minority Languages: Treebanks, Grammar Dictionaries, Lexical Semantic Classification Systems and Semantic Dictionaries, Segmentation Word Lists, Concept Dictionaries, Knowledge Bases, etc.
  • Multimedia Resource Construction and Development for Applications in Minority Language Education, Language, and Culture
  • Minority Language Internet Intelligent Information Retrieval, Sentiment Analysis, Opinion Mining, and Text Classification
  • Intelligent Analysis of Minority Language Classical Literature
  • Multilingual Communication Technology and Mobile Devices, etc.

Important Date:

  • Paper submission deadline:    25 May 2024   extended to 4 June 2024
  • Notification of acceptance: 20 June 2024   extended to 25 June 2024
  • Author registration deadline: 10 July 2024
  • Conference dates: 4-6 August 2024

  • We are now accepting Late Breaking Submissions. The submission system remains open.

Submission Link:

The template and submission procedure for paper submission are consistent with the main track. Please refer to https://tinyurl.com/ialp2024-paper. For inquiries about paper submission issues, please send an email to liurui_imu@163.com.

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Rui Liu, Inner Mongolia University, China