Video Upload

Instructions for video uploading

Some authors are unable to attend the conference in-person. We will provide support for online presentations. For authors presenting online, please submit a presentation video in advance. During the conference, we encourage authors to present live. If there are internet connection issues, we will play the pre-recorded video first, and authors should stand by to answer questions afterward.

Please adhere to the following instructions when creating and uploading your video files:


    • The video’s duration of oral presentation should not exceed 10 minutes.

    • Video specifications: mp4 format, file size <100MB, 16:9 aspect ratio preferred, minimum height of 480 pixels, with the presenter’s face visible in a small window.

    • The deadline for video submissions is 10 Nov 2022.

    • Name your file using this format: “PaperID_FirstAuthor_PaperTitle.mp4”. The paper title can be abbreviated to the first few words.

    • If you wish to update your video, simply upload a new file. The most recent version uploaded will be used.

    • Video recording can be made with Zoom, Microsoft Powerpoint, etc.

Upload your video file

Upload Presentation Video

If you have difficulty to upload, please try this uploading link (Chinese webpage).

Alternatively, you can upload your file to the internet and provide us with the download link.

Contact Email

Please contact us at if you have any issues.